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Relocation Professional of the Year

This award is presented annually to a NTRP member for service to this organization and to our industry.

The award was established by the Tarrant County Relocation Council in 1995 and named for Saul Gresky of the Tandy Corporation, a beloved TCRC Board Member who was the first recipient. TCRC joined with the Metroplex Relocation Forum in 1998 to become the NTRC, North Texas Relocation Council. Subsequently NTRC merged with Dallas Relocation Professionals (DRP) to form the North Texas Relocation Professionals.

The Saul Gresky Award is presented annually to one corporate or relocation service professional who:

  • Best exemplifies the tradition of high customer satisfaction and service to relocation corporate employees
  • Makes a major contribution to the positive image of the relocation profession
  • Inspires cooperation and support among members of the relocation industry

Past  Recipients

1995 Saul Gresky 1996 Jo Lay, CRP
1997 Janie Linders, SCRP 1998 Sandra Peterson
1999 Helen Shanklin, CRP 2000 Martha Marshall, CRP
2001 Kitty T. Snelling, SCRP 2002 Karen Greene, CRP
2003 Cliff Thomas 2004 Gail Peacock
2005 Tina Swenson, CRP, GMS 2006 Shelley Giles, SCRP, GMS
2007 Kate Kelley-Dilts, SCRP, GMS, CERP 2008 Barbara Miller, CRP, SGMS
2009 Ruthie Polk, CRP (Posthumous) 2010 Sandra Ehlert, CRP, GMS
2011 Nola Leverenz 2012 Vicki Heitman, CRP
2013 Mark Waller, CRP, PHR 2014 Bruce Waller, CMC, CRP, PHR
2015 Tom Wortham, CRP, GMS
2017 Steve Townsend 2018 Dana Winans
2019 Pamela Pinto 2020 Rob Johnson
2021 Patricia Pollard, CRP, GMS (Posthumous)  2022 Felicia Wright
2023 Brian Digan
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