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North Texas Relocation Professionals (NTRP), began as an organization in 1989 as Dallas Women in Relocation.  The first networking event was held in 1991.  The name was changed in 1992 to Dallas Relocation Professionals to include men who wanted to join the group.  The name changed again in 2006 when Dallas Relocation Professionals (DRC) and North Texas Relocation Council (NTRC) merged to become North Texas Relocation Professionals.  This organization plays a crucial role in promoting a forum for education and networking within the employee relocation and mobility services sector, catering to both corporations and service sectors involved in the relocation/mobility industry principally in the North Texas region. The primary goals of such organizations typically include fostering collaboration, sharing industry insights, and providing professional development opportunities for individuals and businesses involved in employee relocation services.

Past Presidents of NTRP

2023 Patience Hawley

 2021-2022 Chris Lauterbach


 2019-2020 Jane Woolston

2017-2018 Dana Winans, GMS

 2015-2016 Steve Townsend, CRP, GMS

 2014 Lynn Grimes, CRP, GMS

2012-2013 Tom Wortham, CRP, GMS

 2011Bruce Waller, CRP

 2009-2010 Mark Waller, CRP


 2008-2009 Ruthie Polk, CRP, GMS

 2007 Sandra Ehlert, CRP, GMS

 2006 Nola Leverenz, CRP and

 Jill Wylie, CRP, GMS